I evaluate human rights campaigns and programmes.

In the first half of 2018, I evaluated Shelter City, Justice and Peace Netherlands' programme providing temporary shelter and training in The Netherlands to human rights defenders at risk.

In 2016, I evaluated Amnesty International's support for women human rights defenders in Afghanistan in 2015.  I identified lessons learned which contributed to strategic planning for Amnesty International's support for Afghan HRDs in the future. 

In 2014, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, I evaluated selected activites of the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) and the collaboration between the OMCT and the Swiss Government at different levels.  OMCT's activities were assessed in terms of their effectiveness and added value.  I made recommendations for improving the activities and for developing the partnership between the Swiss Government and the OMCT.

In October and November 2012, for Hivos, I evaluated the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.  The evaluation covered a three-year period and focused on the effectiveness of the Campaign's international advocacy efforts, capacity-building activities, and sustainability.  I helped draw up the terms of reference and the list of people to be interviewed for the evaluation and then conducted face-to-face interviews in New York, Washington and The Hague.  I also conducted interviews through telephone and skype.  The 30-page report included a summary of the main findings, conclusions and recommendations.   

In June 2009, for Hivos, I evaluated the Human Rights Defenders Programme of FORUM-ASIA, a network of 46 human rights organizations across Asia.  Research was done by means of a questionnaire survey of member organizations, telephone interviews, and by visiting Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta to interview FORUM-ASIA staff, representatives of member organizations and other relevant stakeholders. The evaluation assessed the level and effectiveness of programme activities in the areas of protection of human rights defenders, advocacy and campaigning, and training. Management issues and the position of the programme in the wider Asian context were also evaluated. Recommendations were made to both FORUM-ASIA and its donor, Hivos. I carried the evaluation out on my own. FORUM-ASIA was very content with my input.

In September 2008, for Hivos, I conducted a ten-day mission to Kyrgyzstan to evaluate the local human rights organization Citizens Against Corruption.  The evaluation focused on the organization's sustainability, its links to its constituency, and the impact of the organization's programme. It resulted in recommendations for improvement in all these areas. The work involved interviewing key stakeholders, such as staff of the organization, target groups, and representatives of government and other relevant institutions. I was the team leader and worked with an Uzbek co-evaluator.